First Aid Drone

The main goal of the subject "Invention Design 1" was to get an overview of actual technologie hypes, regarding to the Gartner Hype Cycle and similar forcasts. Based on these forecasts we should evolve usecases for those upcoming technologies. Some technologies are even completeley available, others are still in the deployment. Some of them may get great if anyone would find a booming usecase for it.

After a long period of research, rejected ideas and headaches we decided to do something with drones. (5 minutes before we had to present our ideas in front of the class). But even in this early stage of our project I head a clear vision how this conceptual idea for "our drone" should look like. I was thinking about a lifesaver drone which is equipped with a first-person-camera and a speaker to interact with a person in trouble. Week for week we advanced our concept and come to an final concept without any loop holes.

Concept Keynote


This .gif shows our cute concept video which we pitched in front of the class five minutes after we had the idea for the First Aid Drone. Be patient for the Hollywood special effects!



To find the perfect setting for our use case we explored all kind of activities with a high risk of injuries and ended up with winter sports. Skiing areas at all are the areas with the highest quote for sporting accidents. So we used this finding for our project. Our drone should be a drone which is located in skiing areas to help winter athlets in trouble. So if you got a crash on the slope, our first aid drone will be the first one with you. Knowing your exactly position by a GPS Sensor in your lift card. By special patterns we can also decide if you got a real crash or you just dropped your jacket with your lift card in it somewhere. At its best there will also be soon a "real" first aider with you. The drone will now interact with the crashed person by web cam and speakers. The drone pilot (examplary a doctor) will receive your injuries and got insight into your personal medical data (also stored on your lift card). If it will be necessary the drone can drop a first aid kit now and helps to guide how to use the stuff inside. As soon as the crashed person will be stable, the drone can rise a bit and starts blinking (to protect the scene of the accident by other athletes on the slope). It will also contact now the helicopter if needed and transmit all the received data about the crashed person to the rescue team. Furthermore it can spot a good landing place for the helicopter and mark it with a bonfire (if there will be bad sight).

The Drone - Must haves


At first we invented the drone itself. Most of the feature parts where also certain. So basically we just need to think about "how must a drone for alpine areas be designed and where to put all those features?". One of the answers for the first questions was to give the drone here own skiiers. So it could easily land in deep snow. The drone itself also shouldnt be to heavy. Otherwise it would sink in in the deep snow or powder snow. The camera/speaker were placed in the front. Defibrillator, Bonfire and First Aid Kit in the bulge of the drone.

The Drone - 3D Rendering



To provide the best service for troubled athlets in our conceptual skiing area we recommend to let people fly the first aid drones which got a special medical training. We were conscious about the drone pilots will be docs, nurses or so which arent really into flying drones. So we had to design the controlling of the first aid drone as easy as possible. Quick Command tubler allow the drone pilots to easy handout the defibrillator, the first aid kit or mark the accidantial spot with a signal sign for the rescue helicopter. The light button features a LED to show if it is activated or not. This is the main control element with all four control features.



The second part of the control unit is a classic joystick which is used to navigate the camera position of the drone. We decided to let the drone fly most of the time autonomous. So that the pilot can concentrate on his main job, provide, help and rescue troubled athletes. With the hardware scroll bars on the buttom of the joystick it is possible to change the camera settings like zoom in and out.



Here you can see our final results for the graphical user interface which is used by the drone pilot to read out data of troubled athletes or enter received informations by them. It is also the tool to contact the rescue team and to display for the camera output (in this scenery the black area).

Final Conceptual Video

For the semester exhibition we decided to make an rendered video in Cinema 4D. Unfortunatelly it was a summer semester in which we did this project. So no snow in middle europe. Otherwise we could do something more real. Please dont spent to much interest on the designing of the Boarder itself... Michael from GTA V was the only "free to download" character we could find that time.